Meet the Maker | Mercy from Kenya

Mercy is a Kenyan business woman who makes some of the goods that I have for sale.  She is a Maasai descendant who began doing beadwork while in school.  Mercy started because she enjoyed it, and then she joined the Nadhifu Mums group to learn how to make beading into a viable business.  Nadhifu Mums empowers Kenyan women to start their own businesses.  They teach women beadwork, leatherwork, branding, etc.  With their help Mercy not only perfected her craft, but also learned how to make it into a business to support her family.  She now has many local customers and even an online site in Kenya!  Her work is exquisite as you will see.  Mercy has never sold in the US before and says she had never dreamed of doing so.  We are thrilled to have this partnership that will help her to grow her business in Kenya, and that will bring these beautiful goods to you here in America!

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