Meet the Maker | Sarah from Kenya

Sarah makes our Ankara fabric shoes.

I am Sarah Gakinya. I am married. A Kenyan Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ / gospel artist. I am serving the Lord in my community in Thika, Kenya. I work among the less privileged women and children. With the help of God and well wishers I do anything I can to empower little children with kindergarten level education. It's a 3 year program - free education and feeding program as most days the meals at the school is the only nourishment the kids get per day. I sell my African stuff to enable the program. My FB page for more info is:  Sarah's House Kenya.

new shoes

We also accept donations of well used clothes for all ages both genders.
We do fellowship with the mothers and do informative initiatives and health care stuff like breast cancer screening as volunteers donate their services. All are welcome to serve God with us.
Matthew 25:35-46

This week at we will be introducing new styles of shoes! Bright colors and patterns that will add fun and lightheartedness to your spring & summer wardrobe. When you shop from Maasai Chic, you are using your purchasing power to enrich the lives of families across the globe. The makers and merchants have the opportunity to provide an education and a sustainable way of life, and your dollars allow them to support education and ministry for many other children in their communities. 

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