Meet The Maker | Madonna from Uganda

I am Madonnas McNorvich, married to Ivan Norvich and we are blessed with a son Kyle Norvich who never lets me rest. In 2014 after graduation from college, Even though I had love for African fashion and design, I had a dream of applying for an office job, dress in suits, drive an expensive car and own a big home which never happened.

It's not until after my marriage in 2015 that I began to develop and strengthen my ability and love for African fashion and style. My husband loves African crafts, he loves African pieces especially wood carvings and recycled items while I am into African fashion and design. He encouraged and supported me to attend sewing training programs organised by then Unbridled African Mission, an organisation that trains women to acquire tailoring skills and hand weaving in order to sustain their families. This is how I learnt to produce lots of African products from simple material like beaded bags, necklaces and earrings, bracelets, jungle and African designs like shirts, dresses and pants using African fabric and wax prints.

It's through our love for nature that me and my husband started actsAFRICA and he has been so supportive and encouraging. Given the growth and high demand of our products, I have involved friends and other women to form a group of manufacturing African hand made art and designs. Some we trained together and we are now able to earn a living and support our families.

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