Bold Fashion. Bolder Compassion.
Helping marginalized women thrive.

"We want to give the Maasai Chic woman the opportunity to buy bold, on-trend fashion, to stand out in her clothes as the strong, independent woman she is. We want to do this all while allowing her to be ethical and thrilled with the quality and price point of her choices. We want her to be part of our tribe"

- Mary Jones, Founder and CEO

Maasai Chic has become a bridge, connecting stories in a vibrant tapestry of colors. Talented artisans from marginalized villages in Africa are now linked to the international fashion industry. We believe in ethical fashion, where workers earn a living wage, are offered dignified working conditions, and community support

We also want to mentor and support Africa's rising generation of fashion designers, and encourage them to forge sustainable and fulfilling creative collaborations and starting their own businesses

Our artisans are skilled in sewing, tailoring, and pattern cutting. Their meticulous skills bring the Maasai Chic woman beautiful, eye catching designs and bright, vibrant, bold colors.


creates an opportunity for Munisi to send his children to school


women like Beatrice break the cycle of poverty


Lucy's family

The Maasai Chic woman

wants to be put-together, sopisticated, and stand out in the crowd. She also wants her purchases to make a difference.

Maasai Chic

is creating not only bold fashion but a powerful circle of woman that reaches around the globe. Women creating, working, supporting each other, buying, and enjoying the fashion industry

The Maasai Chic woman

is beautiful, respected, loves a good story, and longs to make a difference. She longs for her own unique sense of style. When it comes to fashion she doesn't want to "see herself coming and going." She doesn't want to wear what everyone else is wearing"

The Maasai Chic woman

is also busy. But not too busy to know she wants her purchases to impact the world.

Maasai Chic designs and creates handmade quality garments that are empowering women in Africa, one bold pattern and stitch at a time. Just like you, no two are alike. With meticulous finishings from trained seemstresses, let us curate the perfect outfit for you.

Maasai Chic: Clothes that help you do your job, own the room, and change the world

Are you one of our tribe?