Through a partnership with Africa Intergrative Medicine (AIM), our team on the ground in Tanzania operates under leaders with proven impact and has assured we can provide the quality as well as an encouraging work enviornment for each artisan. The mission of AIM is to support better access to healthcare, education, and community development. By linking arms, we are making great impact together through the production of our items. These members of the Maasai Chic oversee fabric procurement, design, artisan training and quality control. Together we have inspired community development in skills training that serves a model in their community. Our artisans have formed a strong bond and their lives are deeply impacted by their employment.


is our strategist, pattern maker and project supervisor. She is the Co-Founder and Co-Director of Africa Integrative Medicine. She travels to market, purchasing wax dye fabrics, creates prototypes, and manages our sewing team there in Tanzania. A native of Alabama, Stacey travels back and forth occasionally and has been an integral part of making this an empowering experience for our team as well as communicating with the USA team, sharing photos, videos and team updates.


is a Tanzanian from Arusha; co-founder and co-director of AIM. His sense of volunteerism and leadership in community service spans more than a decade. With his keen focus on the needs of the local and rural communities, his leadership is essential in our success. He has certifications and experience in Business Operations and Tourism Management. Jafari manages Tanzania in-country operations and program development for AIM


is a 29-year-old married mother of a two-year old little girl. She began sewing in 2010 and was taught by other artisans. She loves her job and how it helps her support her family. Her dream is to open a sewing school.


is our resident expert on anything mechanical. He is not familar with sewing but is indispenable in training our team. His important role for this collection is to perform finishing work and to train the team on how to use and reapir the serger sewing machine.


is one of our gifted seamstresses. She speaks several languages and her favoritew thing to sew is dresses. She works with meticulous detail and her dream is to teach young girls the value skill of sewing.


have been married for 14 years and are skilled and motivated at sewing. They hope to be involved in future projects and see their employment and training with Maasai Chic's fall line as a major blessing from God to earn money to support a better life and schooling for their 8 children.


is a 34 year old mother of four children. Her genuine interest and curiosity brought her to our project and she has a deep interest in learning more about sewing. Her dream is to teach sewing in home economics workshops at the primary school owned by her husband.


is a single mother of 3 children. She assisted in ironing and sewing in clothing labels and wants to learn even more about sewing. She loves being part of a team while learning skills that will help her to stabalize her income and better support her family