Mary Holden Jones is the Founder and CEO of Maasai Chic. She is a pediatrician by training and her husband Jeff is an emergency medicine physician. They live in Birmingham, Alabama with their five children and a dog. Mary oversees the designing of clothing and leads the teams in Tanzania and the United States. She and her husband travel to Africa several times a year, and each time come back recharged and inspired to do more to empower others through fashion.

Mary is passionate about empowering women to support themselves, their families and their communities. She is inspired to stand alongside women who work for Maasai Chic and believes that “this how we in the developed world can make a lasting impact on poverty in the developing world. It is what Christ calls us to do here on earth.”


Stacey is our strategist, pattern maker and project supervisor. She is the Co-Founder and Co-Director of Africa Integrative Medicine. She travels to market, purchasing wax dye fabrics, creates prototypes, and manages our sewing team there in Tanzania. A native of Alabama, Stacey travels back and forth occasionally and has been an integral part of making this an empowering experience for our team as well as communicating with the USA team, sharing photos, videos and team updates.


Jacqueline is our social media manager as well as the talent behind email marketing and website updates. She is passionate about Maasai Chic because it supports women from the beginning to the end. Jacqueline lives in Birmingham, Alabama and is a wife and mother of one son. She has used her talents as an entrepreneur in the marketing industry for five years and her favorite Maasai piece is the Bow Top from Fall/Winter ‘17.


Amy is our writer and marketing strategist. She is an entrepreneur, an author, and the owner of Blue Jean Communications, providing strategy and storytelling services to businesses. Amy is thrilled to work on the Maasai Chic team providing communication strategies, blog posts, and business coaching. As a non-profit founder herself, she has years of experience in start-up companies and social entrepreneurship, and a deep desire to empower others. Amy lives in Augusta, Georgia with her two (almost grown) children and husband Troy. Her favorite Maasai piece is the purple floral dress in the new Summer 18 collection.


Liza is our graphic designer, and she is gifted in coming up with beautiful images for both web and print to represent the Maasai Chic brand and its products. She loves and is inspired by Mary and Jeff's dream and the leap of faith they have taken to create opportunities of economical, educational, and spiritual growth in the lives of others. They are growing people's talents and sharing them with others through ethical and fair-trade practices. Liza was born and raised in Honduras, and received her degree in Fine Arts and also a Masters in Architecture from Louisiana State University. There she met her husband, and they now have two boys and reside in Charlotte, North Carolina. In November of 2014, Liza started her own photography and graphic design business, Liza Williams Photography and Design. Liza’s favorite Maasai piece is the Jani Maxi Skirt.